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Attracting and retaining the very best people is fundamental to the success of SKT Consulting. But then that’s what every business says about itself. What makes us different is that we strive to ensure SKT Consulting is a place where talented people want to be.

We invest considerable amounts of both time and money developing our people and creating an environment in which they can flourish. A series of carefully selected training opportunities complements a formal feedback process whereby our consultants receive 360-degree feedback from clients and project teams as well as regular reviews with their line managers.

We also make sure we have a lot of fun. Because we believe life is about more than just work. We actively nurture our vibrant culture through our lively social calendar. Examples of our social events include hosting a charity pop-up bar, movie nights, attending TED conferences or on a larger scale, our infamous “Grand Day Out” trips.

Professional Development

We have a structured professional development programme designed to give you the skills you need to progress your career.

Self development budget

You will be allocated an annual Self Development Budget that can be used to attend seminars, lectures, and conferences, take part in online training courses or buy books and subscriptions. Previous uses have included attending TEDx events, courses at the School of Life and subscriptions to The Economist and The Financial Times. If you feel it will make you a better consultant, we want you to do it.

Consulting skills

Our Consulting Skills seminars focus on developing the “softer” skills that are essential for consultants. Previous sessions have included “Personal Impact,” “The Secret of Influence” and “How to be happy.” Presenters include psychologists, veteran consultants, entrepreneurs, some of our junior consultants and professional actors.

In-House Training

Our ‘In-House’ Personal Development Programme will provide you with carefully selected learning opportunities and support which are designed to address your personal development aspirations. This might include ‘on-the-job’ training, mentoring and coaching sessions, or personally designed learning activities for a particular skill.

Our senior management consultants are experienced leaders who will give you every opportunity to ‘step up’ and ‘dive in at the deep end’ when the time is right for you.

Specialist training

As a consultant your training needs will be varied, and individual. We understand that as part of your development goals, you may wish to become a subject matter expert and therefore we encourage you to undertake individual specialist training.

Our selection process

Our selection process is made up of three stages and uses a combination of interviews, a presentation and a case study analysis to assess your capabilities and experience. Whenever possible, our successful applicants get the opportunity to meet their new colleagues at one of our regular socials, prior to joining so on day one, they’ll be seeing lots of friendly faces rather than meeting everyone for the first time.

How to Apply

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. If you have previously done great work as a management consultant (any industry) or blazed a trail within financial services, we’d love to hear from you.

If we like what we see, we will be in touch. We regret to say that, whilst we’d like to, we cannot respond to all applications due to the volume we receive.

To apply for a role at SKT Consulting, please click on one of the live jobs below.